Did you know that the Orem Public Library accepts donations of gently used books and media items? We have several loyal volunteers who will check the condition of each item. Those that are in really good condition will be passed on to one of our many collection developers for them to determine if they should be added to the library collection. But, don’t despair! If it doesn’t make the cut, book and media donations will be priced to be sold in our sale area which also benefits the library. Donations this fall have slowed down quite a bit – please bring us your gently used books and media items!


  • Gently used books and media items


  • Items covered in dust, mold, and/or spider webs
  • Encyclopedia sets, textbooks, magazines, newspapers, VHS movies, or music and spoken word on cassette tapes

As much as we love them, every book has a limited lifespan. (This could be months, or could be 100+ years!) In fact, the books that smelled like gasoline a few years ago went right out to the garbage dumpster!

Please keep us in mind as you are downsizing, reorganizing, moving and such and bring us your books, movies, and music that you no longer want. We will do our best to find them a new home!

Written by Sharon W, Assistant Librarian