The Orem Library Kid Zone has a new way for kids and families to listen and learn this summer and beyond. Come up to the Children’s Mezzanine and look for the colorful shelves of orange Playaways and other Playaway products. They are preloaded audiobooks, tablets, and read alongs that will give kids hours of fun. Audio stories, learning apps, videos, and read alongs are not only entertaining, they are good for the brain! They promote literacy, increase vocabulary, teach pronunciation, build critical thinking skills, and improve attention span. 

Playaway Kids


A Playaway for Kids is a small, bright device that is pre-loaded with an audiobook. A CD player or wifi/data connected mobile device is not needed to play content. You provide a AAA battery (30 hours of listening) and plug in your headphones (free headphones to keep are available for a limited time). Small buttons play, pause, forward, rewind, and change the speed and volume of the audiobook. A tiny screen counts down the amount of time left in the current chapter and shows a progress bar for the entire book. The device also can be plugged into a portable speaker or a car adapter — perfect for a summer vacation, road trip, staycation, or just about anywhere. See our Playaway List for available titles.



A Launchpad is a bright orange preloaded tablet that is curated with collections of learning apps, videos, comics, and storybooks grouped by age and ready to play right off the shelf. No download time. No need for Wi-Fi. Launchpads have high-definition touchscreens and use speakers or headphones with its audio jack. The Orem Library has invested in the Launchpad Academy experience which has been curated by educational app experts and include award-winning brands that will keep kids engaged and excited to learn. The collection brings together a combination of sight, sound, and interactive play that gives kids multisensory tools to learn the way they learn best. Access to powerful content is as simple as turning on each device — anytime, anywhere. See our Launchpad List for available tablets.



Every Wonderbook is a read-along print book with a ready-to-play audiobook inside. Featuring the best in children’s books, it includes a Learning Mode for deeper comprehension and engagement. Kids press play to read along with their favorite books and then switch to Learning Mode for literacy learning and fun. The audiobook player includes a high quality speaker, easy-to-use play controls, rewind/fast-forward buttons, and a headphone jack for independent listening. Now kids can enjoy books and improve their reading skills, regardless of their reading level. Even reluctant readers can improve reading speed, develop their vocabulary, and improve comprehension by listening and reading along. See our Read Along List for available titles.

Takeaways on Playaways

Playaways, Launchpads, and Wonderbooks are awesome! Just pick these up and go — so simple. No fiddling around with downloads or data. They check out for three weeks of engaging listening and learning. Come to the Orem Library Kid Zone and Check It Out!

Written by Rita, Children’s Librarian