The Orem Public Library is excited to announce that we are starting two new collections! Starting November 8, at the start of International Games Week, we will start circulating board games and video games. Games are valuable to communities as avenues to promote problem solving, critical thinking, quality communication, and meaningful social interaction. They can serve to bring together people of different backgrounds or strengthen bonds between friends and family. They are also fantastically fun! We are excited to add an invaluable resource with the potential to help enrich us educationally, culturally, and socially. Interested? Check out these answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I check out board games?

Board games will be available for check out at the main circulation desk located at the library entrance, and will include popular board and card games that you can play with your family. To check out a board game, you may either place the game on hold and pick it up in the holds area, or you may ask the circulation library staff if the board game you want is checked in. Browsing the board game collection in person is not available at this time.

What is included in the board games?

Each board game includes instructions on how to play and an inventory of pieces included in the game.

How do I check out video games?

Video games will be available to check out at the downstairs media reference desk, and will include popular E and T-rated games in Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 formats. Video game cases are available for browsing, but the games themselves are accessible only to library staff. To check out a video game, bring the game case to the library staff at the media desk, and they will assist you in checking it out.

Is there a fee for checking out board games or video games?

There are no fees for checking out either board games or video games.

How expensive are late fees?

Late fees for both board games and video games are 10 cents for each day and $5 for 30 days overdue.

How long can I keep a video game or board game after checking it out?

All kinds of games will be available for a two-week checkout with one possible renewal for an additional two weeks. 

How many video games and board games can I check out at a time?

To start, there will be a limit of one board game and one video game per library card. This means you must return any game you have checked out before you can check out another one, even if you are on hold for multiple games. We recommend placing only one video game and one board game on hold at a time per library card.

Want to see what titles we’re starting with? You can see lists here: