After years of planning, preparation, hard work, and many generous donations and contributions from our community, we are thrilled to announce that the Library Hall is complete and ready to open to the public! Take a moment and read through these frequently asked questions to learn all about the new Library Hall and know what to expect before your first visit. 

What hours will the Library Hall be open? 

Due to COVID-19, the Library Hall will be open on a limited basis for programs only. You can find a calendar of library programs here.

What types of programs will be held in the Library Hall?

The Library Hall will be the new home of Orem Public Library programs and events. The same high-quality programs you enjoyed in the library—including national and local musicians, performance groups, family programs, film screenings, author readings, and workshops—will be held in the Library Hall. We are thrilled to have a dedicated performing space that can accommodate audiences more comfortably and with a better sound and video system. The Library Hall will also be available for rent to community groups and other organizations.

Where will programs be held in the Library Hall? 

The Library Hall features three new venues for programs and events. The Ashton Auditorium has a capacity of 500 people and will house film screenings, musical performances, author visits, and other large programs. The Library Hall also has a meeting room, the Sorenson Legacy Room, with a capacity of 50 that will accommodate workshops, meetings, and classes. Finally, the doTERRA Lobby contains an art gallery and lobby space for interactive programs and informal gatherings. 

How do I enter and exit the Library Hall? 

The Library Hall is located to the west of the Orem Public Library and Orem City Center. It can be accessed by two external doors on the south and east side of the Library Hall, just beyond the breezeway connecting the Orem Public Library and the City Center. There are also entrances to Library Hall through the Upper Library Courtyard and in the Storytelling Wing which will be accessible during library hours. The Library Hall south and east entrances will be used if the library is closed.

Will the library be open while the Library Hall is open for programs?

The Orem Public Library will maintain independent hours separate from the Library Hall and will close according to library hours as usual in the evenings. Patrons attending a program in the Library Hall will not be able to enter the library during the program or after the program finishes if the library is closed.

What hours will the Upper Library Courtyard be open?

When completed, the Upper Library Courtyard will be open to the public during library hours. Entrances to the Upper Library Courtyard are located adjacent to the Children’s Wing and the Storytelling Wing, as well as from the Library Hall.

Does the Library Hall have family restrooms?

The Library Hall has two family restrooms and men and women’s restrooms that are accessible during library hours. Patrons who need to use a restroom during library hours may enter through the Storytelling Wing if the Library Hall is open. If the Library Hall is closed, ask a library staff member for access to the restroom.

Will programs be held in-person or virtually? 

Currently, both in-person and virtual library events are being held. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, in-person programs are limited and masks and social distancing are required. Certain programs will be live streamed on Orem Public Library’s Facebook

Can I take library materials inside the Library Hall?

Library materials must be checked out in the library before you bring them into the Library Hall.

Will art be displayed in the Library Hall?

The Library Hall features a new art gallery located in the doTERRA lobby. This gallery will showcase the work of local and national artists, as well as traveling shows and local contests. Currently, you must be attending a library program in order to enter the lobby and view the art gallery. Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, the gallery will have regular hours for public viewing. 

Are listening devices available for hard-of-hearing audience members? 

The Library Hall has several types of listening devices available to audience members. Talk to a Library Hall staff member and we’re happy to assist you. 

Does the Library Hall have accommodations for people in wheelchairs?

The Library Hall is all on one floor level, and is easily accessible without ramps or lifts. There are wheelchair accessible seating areas.  

Is food or drink allowed in the Library Hall?

No food or drink is allowed in the Ashton Auditorium. Limited food and drink is allowed in the doTERRA lobby and Sorenson Legacy Room.

Are there any restrictions on who can attend events in the Library Hall? 

Library programs are free and open to all ages. Programs that are geared toward age-specific audiences will be noted on publicity. The Library Hall may be rented by community groups or other organizations for private events or other events which may include entry fees or other restrictions.

Will programs be ticketed or are they available on a first-come, first-seated basis? 

Unless otherwise stated, programs are available on a first-come, first-seated basis. Popular programs, programs that have a limited number of participants, and programs that require restricted numbers due to COVID-19 require registration for free tickets. Ticketing information is available on library publicity, social media accounts, and on the Orem Public Library’s events calendar.

How do I reserve the Library Hall for an event? 

For more information about how to reserve the Library Hall, including rental fees, click here or email Nathan Robison at

Are tours of Library Hall available?

Yes! We will be offering tours of Library Hall to donors and to the public. For more information about tours of Library Hall, contact Publicity and Events Specialist Meghan Flinders-Peay at or 801-229-7042.

Written by Nathan, Programming Librarian