All true bibliophiles know that there is no experience more relaxing than wandering the shelves of a library and spending time basking in that “Old Book Smell”. But for many of us, it’s not enough to just visit the library, we’d much rather experience the library for all that it is. There is perhaps no better way to do so than to try your hand as an Orem Library volunteer!

Here at Orem Public Library, we love volunteers! In fact, we could not possibly accomplish all that we do without the help and support of our community. Whether or not you are trying to learn about libraries for a future career, spruce up your resume, or are simply looking to fill your time, we welcome all interested in volunteering.

During the Fall time, the library is looking for volunteers to assist in our Circulation Department, Stacks Department, and with other special projects. Volunteers will assist with checking items in, shelving items, searching for items, scanning digital items, and more!

Library volunteers must be 14 years or older and will undergo a background check, free of charge. If you have an interest in volunteering please visit the volunteering portion of our website, or contact Teirza Kupka at 801-229-7120 and

Written by Teirza, Associate Librarian


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