I recently cleaned out all of my mass market paperbacks at home because frankly, after having reached a certain age, I found them just too much work to read, and, I found something better. The large print book collection found just east of the south wing main floor reference desk, is one of the best kept secrets of the Orem Library. Full of your favorite authors and titles, large print books are often checked in when the regular type books are out. Anyone can use the collection, and the books have a nice hardback binding yet are often not as heavy for tired hands to hold as regular print books. Here are my top 5 things to love about large print books:

5. They are not abridged, they contain the same text as the regular print.

4. You will find many of your favorite authors. If we are missing one, please fill out this Orem Library purchase request form and we will see if we can fill your order.

3. It is a fairly fresh collection, with many titles having been purchased in the last few years, including non-fiction titles.

2. The hold lists are not as long.

1. Of course our favorite reason, the type is larger and easier on tired eyes. You may even be able to read without your glasses!

The large print book collection is only one of the many things to fall in love with at the Orem Library. Come check us out!

Written by Lori, Librarian