The Love Hypothesis | Staff Pick

The Love Hypothesis

By Ali Hazelwood

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood is an excellent Hallmark-movie-in-a-book kind of read. It has all the cheese and tropes that come with a classic romance, but in a new and interesting setting. Olive, a PhD student trying to further her research, needs to convince her best friend that she is not still in love with her ex. One thing leads to another and Olive finds herself in a mildly-awkward fake-dating relationship with Adam, a professor (not hers) in her department who is known for being brooding and a little bit scary.

Anyone who likes cheesy romance should enjoy this book. It is comparable to Book Lovers by Emily Henry, in that it has a strong narrative voice and an enjoyable love story. Be warned, it is definitely an adult book with some language and sexuality. If that is not a concern for you, enjoy! It will have you gasping and sighing, and is sure to be a fun weekend read.

Reviewed by Melisa Blanco, Circulation