Looking to be whisked away to a fantasy world after a long winter? Grab your wand and use the magic of reading to explore fairy tales with us this summer. Besides in-person events, there will be take-home activities each month; an escape room in the new Library Hall; and books, coupons, and other prizes.

To participate, assemble a team of at least two and no more than ten people. Your team members can be anyone: family, friends, neighbors, and even new acquaintances. After you’ve assembled your team, join us at read.orem.org on June 7 to register.


After you’ve registered your team, you can plan how you want to earn points for prizes. We have three types of badges this year: Activity Badges, Event Badges, and Book Badges.

1)     Activity Badges are worth 100 points each and include attending local events, going on summer outings, making crafts, completing activities, and also reading specific types of books.

2)      Event Badges are also worth 100 points. You earn Event Badges by attending Summer Reading events.

3)      Book Badges are worth different point values and are divided into three categories: Children, Jr./Teen, and Adult. You can earn them over and over with rereads, new reads, and audiobook listens.


Earn 500 points by June 28, and you’ll qualify for our Halfway Prize. Earn 750 points by July 12 and you’ll earn entry to our Escape Room. If you earn at least 1,000 points by 11:59 PM on July 17, you will receive a gift bag at the Summer Reading Finale on July 20 and be included in the prize giveaway. Each additional 500 points over 1,000 will earn your team an additional entry into the drawing. It’ll be quite the magical adventure, so bring your wands and live happily ever after with us this summer!