From making a mixtape for a loved one, to crafting that perfect playlist for a party or run, there‚Äôs something epically satisfying with playing producer. It can also be an interesting look into the creative mind. On Thursday, April 13, at 7 PM, “visionary pianist” (The New Yorker) Lisa Moore will be performing at the Orem Public Library. In preparation, Lisa was kind enough to create a few playlists for us. The first playlist is the setlist for her upcoming library performance. The second playlist is a selection of Lisa’s personal favorites, an eclectic mix of works that continue to inspire her work.

Lisa Moore setlist for the Orem Library performance.

Lisa’s Favorites

Available for Check Out at The Orem Library

Want more? Visit the media area of the Orem Public Library to check out these full albums by Lisa Moore and to find the albums that feature some of Lisa’s favorite songs.

Lisa Moore at the Orem Library

No Place to Go But Around

Unique Moore 1173
North Wing Basement

In tribute to her longtime mentor and friend Frederic Rzewski, the intrepid pianist Lisa Moore presents five poignant performances of his most lyrical work.

The Stone People

Shows Mishima 5684
North Wing Basement

Australian pianist Lisa Moore has been asked by countless modern composers to interpret their music. This album features works by composers John Luther Adams, Martin Bresnick, Missy Mazzoli, Kate Moore, and Julia Wolfe.

Philip Glass Piano Works

Classical Chamber Music Glass 6918
North Wing Basement

Vikingur Olafsson pays tribute to the master of minimal music, Philip Glass. In addition to the Etudes for solo piano, the album includes reworks of the originals for piano and string quartet.

The Complete Piano Etudes

Classical Solo Keyboard Namekawa 0098
North Wing Basement

Two discs of solo piano music by Glass. Includes the world premiere recordings of Etudes nos. 11-20.

Mad Rush

Unique Moore 0099
North Wing Basement

The new album from star new music pianist Lisa Moore captures iconic piano works from the catalog of Philip Glass.

Solo Piano

Unique Glass 5576
North Wing Basement

All music composed and performed by Philip Glass.

Written by Nathan R. (Outreach)