Staying in touch with current events is more important than ever. From the international stage to our nation, to our communities and even our own neighborhoods, change is constant and conflict pervasive. But whenever we look for trustworthy news sources online, we hit the devilish barrage of ads or a guilt-inducing paywall. 

“Should I pay $20/month for a subscription?” we ask ourselves. “Can I afford that right now? I don’t even read the news that much, just a couple of articles.” 

Fellow library patrons, worry no more.  Here at the Orem Public Library, we take our role as providers of information very seriously. Through our ProQuest Global Newstream, anyone with a library card can access just about any major newspaper—for free.

How to log in to the newspaper database:

  • Go to the library’s website,
  • On the header tab, click on “Digital Library
  • Find the blue tab labelled “Newspapers & Magazines” and click on it
  • Click on the first option on the list, “ProQuest Global Newstream
  • Log in to Open Athens using your Orem Library card number and PIN (if you cannot access Open Athens, give us a call at 801-229-7175)

How to browse a specific newspaper:

  • Once you are logged in on ProQuest, click on the header link titled “Publications”
  • In the search bar, type in the name of the newspaper you would like to read, e.g. New York Times, Salt Lake Tribune, Wall Street Journal, etc.
  • Choose an edition, change to the desired date, and voilà! The full text of every article printed that day populates the screen

How to search for newspaper articles on a specific topic:

  • Once you are logged in on ProQuest, click on the header link titled “Advanced Search”
  • In the search box, type the topic you are looking for
  • In the index search box next to the word “in,” click on “Subject Heading: MAINSUBJECT”; you can add as many additional search terms as necessary to narrow your results
  • Click the check box next to “Full Text”
  • Click on “Search”
  • Further refine your results list using the options on the left side of the page

There you have it: access to newspaper articles without ads, popups, or paywalls. Much easier on the budget!

Post by Ivan, General Reference