Book Lovers

by Emily Henry
Adult Fiction

In Book Lovers by Emily Henry, Nora is “the Shark” at her job as a literary agent. She knows all the romance book tropes, and she is decidedly not the main character type. Being dumped by men who have met someone else has been a trend in her life. But when Nora’s sister wants to go on a trip to the small town that inspired one of her client’s books, the list of things to do there includes going on dates with locals. Nora loves her job and the city of New York, but will there be someone who can change her mind about her happily-ever-after?

This book was fantastic. It has a great narrative voice in Nora that was colorful and wonderfully interesting. The story has been referred to as “a Hallmark movie in a book” and definitely has that feel. If you like the sappy, gooey feel of a good romance (for example, Austenland), you will love this book. A warning: it is an adult book. It has some language and sexual situations, so be aware if that is something you want to avoid. I personally would give the book 4/5 stars. Enjoy!

Review by Melisa, Circulation