As you celebrate Batman Day on September 17, we in the Makerspace can’t help but ask ourselves: WWBM? That’s short for “What Would Batman Make?” Here’s what we think Batman’s Make List would look like, as written by Batman:

  • Use the Cricut to make a couple of backup masks. They can serve as displays in the Bat Cave until I need them. Villains are always trying to unmask me, so it’s only a matter of time.
    • The Cricut is free to use; I just need to bring paper (black, of course!) and some elastic to staple to the mask once it is cut out.
  • 3D print a portable Bat Signal that Commissioner Gordan can use with his phone. Even he can’t be at the police station ALL the time!
    • The Makerspace 3D printer is free to use, and they only charge 10 cents a gram for filament. I should look through the 3D printing guidelines before I get there. Good detectives always come prepared, and I am the greatest detective.
  • Use the button maker to create Bat Buttons for friends, fans, and… foes? Perhaps if I give Joker a button, he won’t be so mean.
    • Materials to make a button cost 50 cents each. These will also make excellent calling cards to leave behind for the police after I do something awesome.

  • Cut out vinyl with the Cricut to create an awesome decal for the Batmobile. Also, make a nice decal for my friend Bruce Wayne’s new sports car *wink*
    • I can either bring my own vinyl, or pay the Makerspace for some of theirs when I get there. I think my third favorite color would look great on the Batmobile (yellow. My first two favorite colors are matte black and shiny black).