Wall-E | Movie Review


Directed by Andrew Stanton

One of the greatest Pixar movies that came out during my childhood is Wall-E. This 2008 Pixar animated movie is hilarious, moving, and filled with adventure. Wall-E features a trash compacting (and collecting) robot that roams the trash-filled earth, fulfilling the orders of people who long ago abandoned the planet. He soon meets a high-tech robot named EVE, who is on a mission of her own. Wall-E immediately falls in love with EVE, but much to his chagrin, EVE soon must return to her ship. He follows along believing that EVE has been kidnapped, and the story escalates. 

Wall-E is a great movie that anyone can watch and enjoy. The story it tells is wonderful, beautiful, and so easy to understand and appreciate. Even my grandparents thoroughly enjoyed this movie despite having never learned or spoken English. Wall-E is a classic that excels in its story, characters, and animation. 

Film Review by Tim (Orem Teen Library Council)