New Weird isn’t really new, but it is weird. Patterned after the late H.P. Lovecraft with more elements of speculative fiction and an eerie atmosphere, New Weird is not a genre that is fun to read for many but it is interesting. To accurately create a new weird book you will need 50% horror, 20% speculative fiction, 20% weird fiction, and 10% atmosphere. Making you feel like when you watched your first animatronic horror movie as a kid, New Weird is uncomfortable and terrifying with the setting taking just as much of an active role in the story as the characters. Below is a list of some of the New Weird we offer at the Orem Library:

New Weird Books

House of Leaves

By Mark Z. Danielewski
Adult Fiction

When a young Johnny Truant discovers a manuscript left behind by his blind, elderly neighbor after he dies, he starts down a dark spiral. The manuscript describes a documentary film titled The Navidson Record that follows a young family as they discover their new home is larger on the inside than the outside.

Perdido Street Station

By China Mieville
Adult Fiction

Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin is just a scientist living in New Crobuzon when he is commissioned by a garuda to restore his wings. In an effort to learn about flight, Isaac stumbles on a caterpillar that, when fully mature, will become a moth that feeds on the minds of the citizens of the city.


By Jeff VanderMeer
Adult Fiction

In an effort to learn more about the fate of her husband, a biologist volunteers to serve on expedition team 12. Tasked with entering Area X to survey and study the abandoned land, the biologist finds clues that lead to her discovery of the true nature of Area X.


By Hal Duncan
Adult Fiction

The Earth is a small part of a huge system of reality called the Vellum. Mythical beings called Unkin have the ability to change and rewrite the Vellum and have been at war for some time. A small group of Unkin have decided not to fight in the war and must now live with the consequences.

The Vorrh

By B. Catling
Adult Fiction

The Vorrh is a dark, magical forest located in the depths of Africa. Essenwald is sent to explore, and hopefully colonize this forest that has evaded the grips of humanity.  

Written by Nora, (General Reference)