The Mental Load: A Feminist Comic

By Emma
Nonfiction Comics

The Mental Load: A Feminist Comic is a nonfiction comic written and illustrated by Emma. Emma tackles issues of feminism in today’s society. For that reason, this book is great resource to learn more about the struggles that women and other minorities face in their day-to-day life. For instance, the title refers to the “mental load” that women are taught to carry for everyone around them. That is, women have no relief from constant awareness of the needs of others. Emma explains how women don’t achieve the same relaxation as men can, because of this “mental load.”

This book covers gender roles, racial discrimination, sexuality, and other social studies. It speaks in clear terms that are validating for those it represents. In that way, it’s informative for those who may not experience these disparities firsthand. The author makes the book personable by telling stories from her own life. Overall, I really admire the unafraid dialogue the book has! I recommend this book to anyone.

Book Review by Elliot, Circulation Assistant