The Magic School Bus series

By Joanna Cole
Junior Nonfiction

It is hard to believe that Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus first rolled off the presses and into our hearts 34 years ago. Luckily, these wonderful stories are always ready to take us on scientific adventures from the center of the Earth to the edges of our solar system. Along the way, we are reminded that everyone, no matter their age or what they look like, can be a scientist. 

The power behind these stories is, of course, the teacher, the knowledgeable and whimsical Ms. Frizzle. Valerie Frizzle is an educator who recognizes the importance of giving her students opportunities to explore and uses her own unique style of magic to give her class hands-on experience. She is also, of course, always perfectly willing to let the reader tag along for the ride.

Whether you are a child, or a child at heart, I encourage you to find joy in checking out one of these books and joining Miss Frizzle’s class on a field trip. 

(Looking for a place to start? Consider checking out the first book in the series, The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks. It is one of my personal favorites.)

Book Review by Shannon Babb, Instructional/Curriculum Specialist at Central Utah Water