I have been reading Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series since the very beginning and am quite a fan. All of the books are very enjoyable and well written. Some are fantastic. Wild Sign, the sixth Alpha and Omega novel, which comes out for publication today, falls into the fantastic category.

Wild Sign

Urban fantasy is the perfect supernatural genre fiction. A world that closely resembles one you recognize that has a fantastic element present in society, either barely hidden or readily accepted. Many stories have elements of mystery, mythology, and romance, but the novels focus heavily on adventures and characters.

When the FBI reaches out to the Marrok, the most powerful werewolf of all, with an offer of alliance that comes wrapped in the Roanoke-like disappearance of an off-the-grid town, Charles and Anna are sent to investigate. The fact that the land in question has ties to the pack complicates things further. 

What follows is a delicious, spooky tale that involves magic, witches, evil entities, and great love. An interesting backstory regarding a much-loathed character is revealed that is a series game changer. The epilogue has a few zingers that will keep fans buzzing and anxious for another installment. This story stands remarkably well on its own, but, as with most long-running series, maximum enjoyment is had if readers begin at the beginning with the first book, Cry Wolf.

I stayed up late to read Wild Sign and was late to work to finish it. Good writing, good storytelling, and very satisfying. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

Reviewed by Julie, General Reference

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