The Liar's Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard

Allison never expected to meet the guy of her dreams during her first semester at the prestigious St. John’s University in Dublin, Ireland. Or that several of the first year girls she knew would fall victim to the serial Canal Killer. Or that her best friend since childhood, Liz, would be the killer’s last victim. But what Allison could never have imagined was that Will, her dreamy boyfriend who had been sharing her bed, confessed to all the murders.

Allison packed up her life and moved to Norway. Ten years later, she’s successful and independent, but still single and unable to let anyone get too close. One night after a failed matchmaking attempt by her new best friend, two detectives from Ireland show up on Allison’s front step. They’ve brought bad news. More young girls are dying on St. John’s campus. It looks like it may be a copycat of the Canal Killer. Will, the previously confirmed Canal Killer, says he has information about the case. The worst part: he has refused to share any information with the detectives because he will only talk to Allison. Feeling a sense of duty despite her terror of confronting her past, Allison joins the detectives back in Dublin to see if they can save more students before the Canal Killer strikes again.

I listened to the audiobook of The Liar’s Girl and it was great! The three narrators are all Irish, which made listening to this story a real treat. I loved the characters and their development and interaction with each other. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. Although the title wasn’t my favorite, the back blurb caught my attention and I am so glad I gave The Liar’s Girl a chance. It left me chilled at some parts but overall satisfied. It did not disappoint.

Reviewed by Lindsey, Circulation

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