The Blue Castle | Book Review

The Blue Castle

by L.M. Montgomery
Young Adult Fiction

What does it mean to live? In Valancy Stirling’s case, she realizes she has gone 29 years of her life not really living. Well, at least not for herself. She was the girl who never caused trouble, laughed when she was supposed to, and had accepted her fate to be an “old maid.” All that changes when she receives a doctor’s letter saying she has one year left to live. Wanting to make it count, Valancy sets out on a quest to finally take the reins of her own life.

It had been a while since I picked up a book that I simply wanted to devour and savor at the same time. The Blue Castle was full of everything I could want in a good read: determination, romance, a hint of mystery, and, most important of all, plenty of sass. Although it was first published in 1926, it feels like Valancy’s problems are just as relevant today as they were almost a century ago. Many of us have our own blue castle in one form or another, and this book is sure to remind us of the charm of dreaming. The Blue Castle has become one of my favorite books, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Review by Areli, Circulation Assistant