By The Beatles
Pop / Rock

The Beatles’ “1” album is the ultimate overview of their discology. It is a compilation of the best this band has to offer. The album covers all the way from iconic and recognizable songs like “Yesterday” to “Hey Jude” to “Let It Be” and everything in between. The Beatles definitely changed their overall sound in the course of their career, so it is great to get the full feel of the range of their music.

Depending on the era you’re going for you may need to focus on different parts of the 27-song-album, but there is something for everyone throughout. Fans of the teen boy band feel will like “Love Me Do” whereas more serious hippie folks will like the later “Eleanor Rigby.” This band is essential to the culture of the 60s and anyone looking for an introduction should definitely check out this album.

Review by Melisa Blanco, Circulation Library Assistant