It’s a well-known fact that librarians love to read. Only slightly less well known is this: they want others to love reading just as much as they do! To that end, librarians are always on the lookout for new ways to inspire the next generation of readers. This year, the librarians of the Orem Public Library are introducing a new collection for our teen patrons: Teen Large Print. 

Recent research by Project Tomorrow and Thorndike Press has demonstrated that reading books in a large print format has several positive outcomes for developing readers: decreased feelings of anxiety about reading, increased abilities to stay focused and engaged while reading, and improved reading skills to carry through school and beyond. Together, these culminate in giving developing readers a greater love of books and the magic they contain, making librarian hearts across the land shout with joy!

But these aren’t your grandparents’ books! Our librarians have been hard at work putting together a collection of some of the most popular teen titles today:

To name only a few! Click here to see all 65 of the titles in our seed collection, or come in and browse the Teen shelves to see them in person. Come on. Take a chance on large print. You might just find the next love of your life: reading!

Written by Jaime, Librarian