The 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger action-thriller Predator is easily one of my all-time favorite movies, and I am so excited to see its prequel Prey now streaming on Hulu. If you also love survivor thriller films, here’s a list of other movies you might want to check out after watching Prey.

Survivor Thriller Films | What to Watch After Prey

First Blood

By Ted Kotcheff

Unlike Predator or Prey, which have several people being hunted by one ferocious hunter, this film has a large posse hunting one ferocious outlaw. But here, Sylvester Stallone (like Schwarzenegger) uses his natural surroundings in the Washington wilderness and his training as a soldier to survive the hunt. While it is tonally different, the chase scenes, action sequences and Rambo’s rage & resourcefulness are incredible.

The Descent

By Neil Marshall

Similar to Predator, this film shifts dramatically in the middle of its story. What starts off as a story of survival for five cave-diving friends stuck in a cavern becomes a blood-chilling thriller once they realize they are being hunted by subterranean monsters. Who will rise like Prey’s heroine, Naru, and save the day?

Ready Or Not

By Matt Bettinelli-Olpin

After marrying into a wealthy family on their giant estate, Grace is shocked to realize that she is now the prey for a wild hunt by her new in-laws. Grace fights through the night to survive the wicked game and then the movie takes some truly crazy twists, which I won’t spoil here. Our cunning, resourceful, and fierce heroine definitely gives Prey vibes.


By Howard McCain

This sci-fi-action hybrid is Predator meets Beowulf, as Jim Caviezel fights a giant alien hunting him through space. But like Prey, the action takes place in another tribe and time as our hero’s ship crashes into Vendel-era Scandinavia. Featuring another impressive creature, this indie film doesn’t have the polish of a big-budget film but still packs the thrills.

Written by Matt K, Makerspace

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