We’re highlighting our amazing community this summer with our summer reading theme, All Together Now. Our program starts on June 1 and runs until August 1. Sign up starting on June 1, track your reading, earn prizes, and celebrate the wonderful diverse community of Family City USA with fun programs and activities all summer long!

How do I register for summer reading?

To register through the website, follow these instructions:

  1. Starting June 1, go to orem.beanstack.org.
  2. Click “Register an Individual or Family” and then click “I am registering myself” and fill out the required fields.
  3. Click “Next” to add additional family members. Beanstack will automatically register you and other readers in the reading challenge that fits each reader’s age group.

To register through the Beanstack app, follow these instructions:

  1. Starting June 1, go to your app store and download the app.
  2. Open the app and touch “At my library, school, or bookstore.”
  3. Touch “Find a Site.” Type in “Orem Public Library.”
  4. Follow the prompts to enter an email and password.
  5. Touch “Add a Reader” to add additional family members.

Who can participate in the 2023 summer reading program?

Anyone regardless of age can participate in the Orem Public Library’s summer reading program. There are separate age-based reading challenges for very young readers (ages 0–5), elementary age children (ages 6–11), teens (ages 12–18), and adults (ages 19+). A caregiver or another responsible teen or adult can sign up as an “account creator” and register and manage the reader accounts of dependents or other members of their household.

When does summer reading start?

This year’s summer reading program runs from June 1–August 1. Our kickoff will take place on Thursday, June 1 from 6 PM to 8 PM at City Center Park, and will feature games, activities, and a magic show. The finale will take place on Tuesday, August 1, at 6 PM at City Center Park, and will feature our prize giveaway and a fire dancing show by Ali’itasi Productions. To earn entry to the finale, one member of your family must complete the summer reading challenge at orem.beanstack.org by July 30.

What is Beanstack?

Beanstack is a web and app-based program made specifically for library reading challenges. You can access Orem Library’s Beanstack by going to orem.beanstack.org or by downloading the Beanstack Tracker app in your app store and searching for “Orem Public Library.”

What is a challenge?

A challenge is Beanstack’s term for a seasonal and/or ongoing reading program such as summer reading, 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, adult and teen book clubs, and other reading challenges.

What if I am having trouble registering?

Contact us at oplprograms@orem.org if you have trouble registering.

What if I can’t remember my password?

If you can’t remember your email address or password you used to sign up, go to orem.beanstack.org and click on “Sign In” and then click on “Forgot Your Password?”

What do I do after I register?

Once you’ve registered, you participate in the program by logging the minutes you read and completing activities to earn virtual badges. Each badge you complete will count towards prizes throughout the summer, leading up to our summer reading finale and ticket prize giveaway on August 1. You need to complete 10 logging badges and 2 additional badges to complete the program.

How do I log reading minutes?

You track your reading minutes through Logging Badges by going to orem.beanstack.org or the Beanstack Tracker app and clicking on “Log Reading and Activities.”

Can I log minutes for multiple readers at once?

Yes! In the Beanstack Tracker App, follow the instructions below:

  1. Touch the plus sign at the bottom of the app screen.
  2. Touch “Reading.”
  3. Select the desired readers by touching the circle next to each name.
  4. Touch the “Choose Readers” button at the bottom of your screen.
  5. Touch “Log Without a Title.”
  6. Enter the minutes read.
  7. Touch “Done.”

Does listening to an audiobook count as reading minutes?

Yes! All minutes of an audiobook a reader listens to can be logged as reading minutes in Beanstack.

How do I complete activity badges?

You complete activity badges by following the instructions found at orem.beanstack.org or the Beanstack Tracker app. Completing activities is done through activity codes and text submissions.

How do I switch between readers and log for a child’s account?

Log into your Beanstack account at orem.beanstack.org and use the drop down menu under your name to switch readers and log for a child’s account.

You can switch readers in the app by touching the initials at the top right of the app screen. You may also add a reader or edit your information from the Account screen in the app.

How do I edit a reader’s information?

Select the gear setting at the top right of orem.beanstack.org to edit a reader’s information. From the app, you edit your information from the Account screen.

What is an activity code and how do I get one?

Activity codes are used on Beanstack to earn activity badges for attending library events. If you attend or participate in the event, you will receive the code at the event. After attending the event, you will enter in the code for the corresponding activity badge on orem.beanstack.org. If you have forgotten or lost an activity code, contact us at oplprograms@orem.org to receive the code.

What kind of activities will the library have this summer?

Library activities this summer include in-person events at Library Hall, online badges, any time activities, and take home activities. Check out our online calendar to see a complete schedule of library events.

Do I have to sign up to attend summer reading events this year?

Registration is required for attendance at our Teen After Hours and Tween Scene programs in June and July. Registration is also required for the Library Escape Room. A link to register will be made available on Monday, June 26 at 9 AM.

What are the badges and how do I earn them?

Badges are fun activities, crafts, and experiences that count toward prizes and completing the program. Badges range from logging minutes read and attending library events to completing art projects and participating in activities like hiking and visiting museums to help you learn and have fun this summer. Badges are grouped by logging badges, activity badges, and challenge badges (completion badge). You can find descriptions of each badge in the summer reading challenges at orem.beanstack.org.

What are bonus logging badges?

Once you complete the 10 required logging badges for the program, you can earn 5 additional logging badges by reading more hours. Each badge will give you bonus tickets that you can use to enter the finale ticket prize drawings.

How do I qualify for prize packets? What are the prize packets?

Each participant qualifies for prize packets by completing badges. You can earn 2 prize packets this year. Prize Packet 1 is awarded when you complete Logging Badge 5 and will include a set of coupons, a sticker, and candy or a bookmark. Prize Packet 2 is awarded when you complete Logging Badge 10 and will include a set of coupons, a small activity booklet for very young readers (ages 0-5) and children (ages 6-11), a bubble fidget for teens (ages 12-18), and a pocket notebook for adults (ages 19+).

How do I know if I’ve won a prize packet?

Beanstack will notify you by email if you’ve won a prize packet. You can also check “Earned Badges” in the challenge.

How do I pick up prize packets?

Starting June 5 and running through July 29, you can pick up prize packets as you earn them at the prize pick-up desk. The desk will be open on Mondays from 4 to 6 PM, Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10 AM to 12 PM, and Fridays from 4 PM to 6 PM in the north lobby of Library Hall.

What is required to complete the program and qualify for ticket prizes?

You need to complete at least 10 logging badges and 2 additional badges by Sunday, July 30 at 11:59 PM to complete the program and qualify for the Summer Reading Finale and for ticket prizes. You can enter the tickets you’ve earned into our finale ticket prize drawings. The finale ticket prizes include free admission and discount passes to local businesses, museums, & activity centers; private movie nights in Library Hall; various games and toys; book sets; and more.

How do I qualify to attend the Summer Reading Finale?

To earn entry to the Summer Reading Finale, one member of your family must complete the summer reading challenge at orem.beanstack.org by Sunday, July 30 at 11:59 PM. To complete the program, you need to earn at least 10 logging badges and 2 additional badges.

Do I need to be present to win a ticket prize?

No, you do not need to be present to win. The ticket drawing will take place prior to the finale. All winners will be notified. One giveaway win per person. Prizes may be picked up at the Summer Reading Finale or claimed at the library circulation desk from August 2-August 12. Unclaimed prizes will be donated to the library.

How do I know what’s happening at the library this summer?

You can find out more about library events on the library calendar. Summer reading fliers with more information about the program are available at any library desk. You can also sign up for the library’s email newsletter here.

What if I can’t make it to the library during prize pickup hours?

Contact us at oplprograms@orem.org to pick up your prizes.