The long wait is over—summer reading starts today! Our summer reading theme this year is “Once Upon a Library,” and you’ll be powering up your magic wands with your team to explore fairy tales and fantasy. Sign up and come live happily ever after with us this summer.

How do I register for summer reading?

Visit and click on Register. Create a username and password, and then you can register your team. Enter the name and information of the team captain, and then the information of the other members of your team. Teams must include 2–10 people.

Who can participate in the summer reading program?

Anyone regardless of age can participate in the Orem Public Library’s summer reading program. To participate, you’ll need to gather a team of 2–10 people. Team members can be family members, friends, or anyone who wants to explore fairy tales and magic with you.

What if I am having trouble registering? What if I can’t remember my username or password?

Contact us at if you have trouble registering. If you can’t remember your username or password, go to the registration or login page and click on “Lost Password.” 

What do I do after I register?

Once you’ve registered, you and your team participate in the program by submitting the titles of books you read and completing activities to earn virtual badges. Each badge you complete will give you a certain amount of points that will qualify you for prizes and fun activities throughout the summer, leading up to our summer reading finale and grand prize giveaway on July 20.

When does summer reading start?

This year’s summer reading program runs from June 7–July 20. Our kickoff will take place on Tuesday, June 8, and will feature a magic show at 6 PM and another at 7:30 PM by Great Scott Magic. The finale will take place on Tuesday, July 20, at 6:30 PM, and will feature our prize giveaway, as well as displays of medieval armor and armored combat demonstrations by the Salt Lake City Crusaders.

What kind of activities will the library have this summer?

Library activities this summer include in-person events at Library Hall, online badges, and take-home activities.

Do I have to sign up to attend summer reading events this year?

All in-person summer reading events held in the Library Hall require registration for free tickets. Whether or not you register a team to participate in the summer reading program, you must also register for each in-person summer reading event you wish to attend. You can find an event calendar at after you register or on our library calendar. No registration is required for the Fairy Tale Take-Home Activities.

What are the badges and how do I earn them?

Badges are fun activities, crafts, and experiences that will earn your team points that go toward prizes and other fun things. Badges range from reading and submitting the titles of books to puzzles, sports, and creative activities to help your team learn and have fun this summer. Badges are grouped by book badges, activity badges, and event badges, and can be completed by all ages. You can find descriptions of each badge at

How do I qualify for prizes? What are the prizes this year?

Each team qualifies for prizes by completing badges. If you earn 500 points by June 28, you qualify for our Halfway Prize pickup. The first prize pickup will be held in the doTERRA South Lobby in Library Hall from June 28–July 3 and will feature a selection of books, coupons, and small prizes for children, teens, and adults. Earning 750 points by July 12 will qualify your team to participate in our fairy tale escape room. Finally, if your team earns 1000 points by July 17, you will qualify for our Knight Night finale prize giveaway. We’ll hold a drawing for great prizes, including Lego sets and gift baskets and certificates to local restaurants, stores, and recreation centers.

Do I need to be present to win a prize from the giveaway?

You do not need to be present to win a small prize or the grand prize. Winners will be drawn before the finale. You can pick up your prize at the finale or if you are unable to attend, at the library. You do need to attend the finale to claim a gift bag.

What if I’m out of town during the Halfway Prize pickup week?

Contact us to pick up your prizes.

How do I know what’s happening at the library this summer?

You can find out more about library events on the library calendar. Summer reading fliers with more information about the program are available at any library desk. You can also sign up for the library’s email newsletter here.

Tell me more about the Orem Public Library’s summer reading program.

The mission of the Orem Public Library is to bring people and information together. Reading books is an incredibly important way to learn and process information and always will be. There are also many other ways that people learn, such as working on creative projects, attending live programs, playing games together, and exploring the world through film, music, and the Internet. Our summer reading program is designed to help library patrons learn through all the resources available to them at the Orem Public Library.

What if I’m looking for a more traditional summer reading program? Can’t I just read books and get prizes?

If you or members of your team would rather just read to earn points, check out the Book Badges. Reading will always score you points at the Orem Public Library!