By Mary Higgins Clark
Adult Fiction

Stillwatch by Mary Higgins Clark embodies every good thing about the mystery suspense genre. Pat Traymore, a young television journalist rapidly making a name for herself in the entertainment news field, is given the opportunity of a lifetime: to make a groundbreaking documentary about the personal and professional life of the oh-so-secretive Virginia senator Abigail Jennings. Along the way, Pat rekindles a romance with hunky Congressman Sam Kingsley, navigates the tricky minefield of political scandal, and discovers the truth about her dark past by living in the house where her own parents were murdered over twenty-five years prior. This book will take you by surprise, make you laugh out loud, and keep you guessing every time.

Initially, I was drawn to this book because I’m an avid fan of anything mysterious, suspenseful, or thrilling, and I’d heard that Mary Higgins Clark was a prolific and talented writer—which she absolutely is, having written 51 bestsellers throughout her career. I was floored by how masterfully the books were constructed. Clark knows how to stay exactly one step ahead of the reader at all times. Just when you think you’ve pieced together the clues and solved the mystery, the plot twists and you realize that things weren’t quite what you assumed they were. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Even if you’re a mystery novel connoisseur, I can promise that you won’t guess the ending.

Book Review by Katie, Circulation Assistant