Rhythm of War

By Brandon Sanderson

Out of all the fantasy and action book series I have read in my life, none do their world-building as well as Brandon Sanderson does in the Stormlight Archive series. Having created developed cultures with unique values, traditions, and speech in his novels, Brandon Sanderson’s stories truly make you feel as if you are reading about another world far, far away. Each character has his/her strengths and respective flaws, and each character uses that to contribute in distinct ways to the storyline. Though the amazing writing and structure that Sanderson presents in the Stormlight Archive is almost unparalleled, there are also some aspects of the book that many people don’t necessarily enjoy—the largest issue being the incredibly large page count of the book series. With each book having over a thousand pages, reading the book is a long-term endeavor for busy or slow readers. Those who also just want to read action might be slightly disappointed or bored during some sections of this series.

The quality and story of the fourth book, Rhythm of War, is as good as if not better than the previous three books in the series. Those who enjoy the action will have an even better time with this book, since this book seems to be on a rollercoaster ride of action for most of the story. If you enjoyed any of the previous books in the series, it’s pretty obvious that this one won’t disappoint.

Review by Timothy Fang, Member of the Orem Teen Library Council