Legends and Lattes | Book Review | Cozy Fantasy

Legends & Lattes: A Novel of High Fantasy and Low Stakes

By Travis Baldree
Adult Fiction

Legends and Lattes is a cozy fantasy that takes place within a D&D-like world. When Viv, an orc barbarian, decides to retire from the adventuring life, she decides her next adventure will be to open up a coffee shop. With the remaining money she earned from adventuring, she endeavors to introduce this bean brew concoction to a town that has never heard of coffee before. Viv struggles to get her new business off the ground when a old companion comes into town asking shady questions.

While this is a book about a small business growing to new heights, the core of this book is about community and friendship. Each character introduced adds their own part to the story and Viv’s shop in in different ways. In cozy reads fashion, this book is an easy read, perfect for a relaxing time. What it may lack in intensity or depth, it makes up for in heart.


Book Review by Taryn P. (Circulation)