Gideon the Ninth is a story of necromancy and swordplay in space with lesbians, and, honestly, what else do I need to say about it?

As someone who finds it very difficult to get into science fiction and fantasy novels sometimes, this novel was absolutely fantastic! It follows Gideon, a swordswoman who gets roped into acting as cavalier for her least favorite person, Harrowhark, a necromancer who has tormented Gideon since they were children growing up on the Ninth planet, furthest from the sun.

After receiving an invite to compete with necromancers from all the other planets in their system in a trial to begin their service to their god, Gideon finds herself relying on Harrow much more than she’s comfortable with when people start mysteriously dying. Gideon is never afraid to speak her mind, and this leads to some truly hilarious narration. The book is witty and clever and I can’t wait to see what Muir comes up with next, including the sequel, Harrow the Ninth, that came out last year!

Reviewed by Erin, Circulation