Gentleman Jim

by Mimi Matthews

I love a good romance novel and as someone who purchases them for the library, I read a fair few. I’m especially fond of gentle romances, either contemporary or historical, but it can be challenging to find good writing, interesting stories and heroines who are not insipid. Enter Mimi Matthews. Her attention to detail, realistic characters, witty dialogue and engaging novels make her a wonderful read. Orem Library owns Gentleman Jim and everything she has published. Her novels provide genuine chemistry between the characters but don’t have descriptive love scenes so they can be enjoyed by a wide range of readers.

Her newest novel, Gentleman Jim does not disappoint and the story of Margaret Honeywell and Nicholas Seaton is highly entertaining, suspenseful and well told. Kind, intelligent, capable Margaret was always intended to marry the son of a neighboring landowner but bastard born Nicholas Seaton has always had her heart. After being framed for theft, Nicholas disappears to the continent. Even 10 years later, Margaret can’t forget him. During a visit to London, she meets John Beresford, Viscount St. Clare who bears a startling resemblance to Nicholas — but is he? The journey of discovery is extremely enjoyable and while the resolution might be a little unbelievable, the ending is very satisfying. Highly recommended. 5 smooches.

Book Review by Julie H, Associate Librarian