Summer is a time of watery escapades and outdoor adventures, and what fits perfectly with both of these? Movies about pirates! At one point or another, everyone goes through a pirate phase (or dare I say, a pirate crush), and there are movies aplenty to satisfy the pirate cravings of kids, teens, and adults alike in the Orem Library’s film collection. Here are our top pirate movies for those wanting to add a little danger and a bit of swashbuckling to their summer movie nights.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

PG, 2003

In this DreamWorks animated film, the brave mariner Sinbad battles raging elements, mutinous dogs, and fearsome monsters to retrieve the Book of Peace after being framed by the treacherous Goddess of Chaos. If you’re looking for a fantasy adventure movie with some comedy, romance, and high-seas hilarity, this one’s for you!

Castle in the Sky

PG, 1986

Pazu is an engineer’s apprentice who finds Sheeta, a young girl, floating down from the sky, wearing a glowing pendant. They discover both are searching for Laputa, a legendary floating castle. Together, they vow to unravel they mystery of the luminous crystal around Sheeta’s neck. Their quest won’t be easy. There are greedy air pirates, secret government agents, and astounding obstacles to keep them from learning the truth.


Not Rated (TV Movie), 2002

The shipwrecked Robinson family finds new life on a deserted island far from civilization. This television adaptation of Swiss Family Robinson is a more realistic approach than the Disney version, and is really well done in terms of scenery and storytelling. It is fascinating to watch the family navigate and overcome various hardships, particularly when one son is separated and adopted into a gang of pirates.

Cutthroat Island

PG-13, 2007

Morgan Adams, the female captain of a pirate ship, is on a treasure hunt for millions of pounds of gold reportedly buried somewhere on Cutthroat Island. She and her uncles each hold sections of the map to the treasure. While Morgan is willing to make deals and agree to share the wealth in order to put the map together, her Uncle Dawg would rather kill everyone in his way, including his niece.

The Black Swan

Not Rated, 1942

With the pardon of notorious pirate Henry Morgan by the English King, Caribbean pirates are offered amnesty if they give up their lawless ways. As governor of Jamaica, Morgan picks Captain Jamie Waring to round up the renegade captain Billy Leech. Beautiful Margaret Denby complicates matters for Waring, as her scorn for him is matched only by his love for her.

Treasure Island

Not Rated (TV Movie), 1990

Of the myriad versions of Treasure Island films, this one is my personal favorite, starring Charlton Heston as the wily Long John Silver and a baby Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins. The music, the cast, and the setting are all excellent and combine to make a worthy pirate film adaptation of the book that basically created the genre.

For Teens Who Can’t Bear a Jack Sparrow-less Summer

Never fear! Our Teen After Hours on Saturday, July 9, at 7 PM is a perfect opportunity to satisfy your POTC cravings. Click below to sign up for this after-hours event at the Orem Library, where we’ll be snacking on popcorn and watching the very first Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (PG-13, 2003). For ages 12–18.

Written by Ruth, Outreach

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