Some of my fondest memories as a child are when my parents would take me to the library and I could sift through the picture and chapter books in the children’s section. I’ve often returned to these stories over the years, especially when suggesting titles for family and friends. However, I’ve found that relying too heavily on old favorites often means I’m missing out on some of the great new releases. Working in the library has helped a lot in this regard, but with November 8-14th being Children’s Book Week, I thought I’d dig in and highlight some newer additions to the Orem Public Library’s Children’s collections. The following are some of my recent favorites and ones I look forward to sharing with you.

Children’s Book Week | Best New Books for Kids

Grumpy Monkey Freshly Squeezed

By Suzanne Lang

Based on her popular picture books, Suzanne Lang has created a hilarious story featuring Jim Panzee and a memorable cast of jungle friends. Jim Panzee just wants to go on his regular Wednesday walk with his stress orange, but is constantly interrupted when others want to join in. When Jim gets so frustrated he turns his orange into orange juice, a madcap romp to find a new orange ensues.

Children’s Book Week | Best New Books for Kids

Frog and Ball

By Kathy Caple

This easy reader uses graphic panels and simple sentences to create a story that both young and old audiences will find entertaining. Frog finds a deflated ball and uses magic in an attempt to inflate it, but finds himself on the run from the ball instead.

Children’s Book Week | Best New Books for Kids

See the Dog: Three Stories About a Cat

By David LaRochelle

A follow-up to the Geisel Award Winning See The Cat, See the Dog features single sentences on one side of the page directing the actions of our main character on the other side. From the title, you may think this book is about a dog, but you’d be wrong. Fun hijinks abound and they’re sure to delight young children.

Children’s Book Week | Best New Books for Kids

The Rock from the Sky

By Jon Klassen
Picture Book

Jon Klassen is one of my favorite picture book authors/illustrators. His sneaky dark humor may not be for everyone, but his tales tend to be perennial favorites for many. While you may be familiar with his hat books (I Want My Hat Back, We Found a Hat, This is Not My Hat) His newest book The Rock From the Sky features short vignettes following our critter friends’ antics that all come together in a shocking ending. While this picture book is longer than most, clocking in at 96 pages, the writing is sparse, making it a quick read.

The Orem Public Library is constantly bringing in new children’s books, and we’d love to help you find some new ones for you and your family! For recommendations, just stop by one of our children’s reference desks and ask a librarian for assistance.

Written by Whitney, Children’s Associate Librarian