Eighty years ago, the surprise military strike on Pearl Harbor occurred, officially prompting the United States to enter World War II. Though this event happened nearly a century ago, it’s impact and the subsequent devastation is fresh in the minds of many Americans. Below are a few important books about Pearl Harbor that are all available at the Orem Library.

Books about Pearl Harbor | Librarian List

At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor

By Gordon Prange
Adult Nonfiction

Records the planning and execution of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and looks at what it reveals about American leadership.

Books about Pearl Harbor | Librarian List

Pearl Harbor: Final Judgement

By Henry Clausen
Adult Nonfiction

Clausen was appointed as independent investigator of the events at Pearl Harbor by Secretary of War Stimson in 1944, and the present volume, co-authored with the late military historian Bruce Lee, is Clausen’s riveting conclusion to his investigation, which he could not write when he presented his 800-page report to Stimson in 1945, for reasons of national security. Clausen definitively disproves the conspiracy theories about Pearl Harbor, explains why the Japanese attack was successful, and identifies those who were responsible for the American failure to protect itself.

Books about Pearl Harbor | Librarian List

I survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941

By Lauren Tarshis
Junior Fiction

History’s most terrifying moments are brought vividly to life in the action-packed, fictional I Survived series! Do you have what it takes to survive… the bombing of Pearl Harbor? Eleven-year-old Danny Crane is alone on his favorite beach in Hawaii when the world is torn apart and World War II officially hits the United States. Does he have what it takes to find his way home in the midst of the bombs, the smoke, and the destruction of the day that will live in infamy?

Books about Pearl Harbor | Librarian List

Day of Infamy

By Walter Lord

Sunday, December 7, 1941, was, as President Roosevelt said, “a date which will live in infamy.” Day of Infamy is a fascinating account of that unforgettable day’s events. In brilliant detail Walter Lord traces the human drama of the great attack: the spies behind it; the Japanese pilots; the crews on the stricken warships; the men at the airfields and the bases; the Japanese pilot who captured an island single-handedly when he could not get back to his carrier; the generals, the sailors, the housewives, and the children who responded to the attack with anger, numbness, and magnificent courage.

Written by Teirza, Stacks Manager