(But we also have Apples to Apples!)

Apples to Apples took the gaming world by storm when it was released. A word-association game, it introduced the catchy “impress the judge” mechanic, encouraging you to think like your friends/family to anticipate what words they would associate with wacky, funny, disturbing, or any other of hundreds of adjectives. This mechanic has been frequently imitated ever since. While we still love a good game of Apples to Apples, the games on this list shake up the formula and offer a refreshing take on word associations. Here are 5 word-association games you can check out from the Orem Library for your next game night.

5 Party Games to Check Out if You're Sick of Apples to Apples | Librarian Lists

Codenames: Top Secret Word Game

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Codenames is played in teams. The objective is simple: find your team’s words before the other team finds theirs. The trick is to give your team a one-word clue that will point them to multiple words at the same time. This is harder than it sounds! What words can you find to connect “engine,“ “kangaroo,” and “pineapple”? And you have to keep in mind who is on your team–will they guess “force,” “knight,” and “droid” when you give a Star Wars clue?


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Are you on the same wavelength as your friends and family? In Wavelength, you are once again giving clues to your team. Then your team turns a dial to the spot on the spectrum they think matches the clue. The closer they are, the more points they get! What’s halfway between a quiet place and a loud place? Or 20% off “cold” on the spectrum from hot to cold?

Herd Mentality

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In Herd Mentality, you’re not trying to think like one other person. You’re trying to think like everyone! This game rewards you for thinking like the group (being “part of the herd”) and penalizes you for being unique. Your group will answer a question like “What is the best flavor of ice cream?” Write down what you think most people will answer. Chocolate? Rocky Road? If you’re in the majority, you get a point. But be careful! If you’re the odd one out, you get the pink cow, and you can’t win while you have it!

Just One

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We’re back to one-word clue giving! The spin that Just One brings to the table is this: everyone is giving a one-word clue to the single player that’s in the dark. Can you get that player to guess the mystery word? Sounds easy, but there’s a twist. If anyone writes the same clue as you, both are taken out of the game! What clue can you use that gives enough information, but that no one else will think of?

Stella: Dixit Universe

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Stella is unlike any other game on this list. Instead of connecting words to other words, you’ll be associating words with images. Full of fantastical artwork, this game will have you finding any abstract connections you can. The more people in your party choose the same images as you, the more points you all get!

Make sure to check out the library’s board games collection, which is located near the circulation desk in the north wing.

Written by Shannon, Librarian