As part of our summer reading program, we asked you to write book reviews of what you were reading this summer. We loved getting your reviews and are excited to share them on our blog. If you’re looking for another fun read to get you through the summer, here are some teen fiction recommendations from our patrons.

Teen Fiction Recommendations

A Tale of Light and Shadow

By Jacob Gowans
Teen Fiction

This book and its sequel The Secrets of Neverak had me staying up at all hours to read. It was a page-turner and I was endeared to the good-natured characters and their plight. The book was an easy read and clean with good language. I am anxious for the concluding book #3 to be written. Seven years and waiting is too long, Jacob Gowans. We should all band together and read this series so that Gowan will be urged by his fans to finish.

Review by LaTia P.

Catching Fire

By Suzanne Collins
Teen Fiction

This book was great. It was the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy and I really liked it. The book follows Katniss and her friends and family. The book was a good sequel to the first Hunger Games and it had a lot of the same good elements from the first book, but also enough different content that it didn’t feel like an exact repeat to me. Overall the book was really good and made me want to read the next one, so I would recommend this to anybody who likes adventure/survival type books with some intensity and a good amount of romance.

Review by Emerson T.

Firekeeper’s Daughter

By Angeline Boulley
Teen Fiction

This was a great book! Somewhat slow to start, but it gained momentum and took many unexpected twists and turns. I loved learning more about native peoples. Warning: contains swearing and mature language.

Review by Kristi S.

Ender’s Game

By Orson Scott Card
Teen Fiction

Ender’s Game is a great teen/young adult science fiction book. It is about a very smart, very young boy named Ender Wiggin. The book has a lot of action, but also some other fun moments. There are some violent parts in it. Overall I would rate this book eight out of ten stars.

Review by Oliver T.

Daughter of the Deep

By Rick Riordan
Teen Fiction

Daughter of the Deep was such a fun read! I read it in one sitting; I just couldn’t put it down! The book is a sequel to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but taking place in modern day with the ancestors of some of the characters in that classic book by Jules Verne. Daughter of the Deep also has a bit of a Harry Potter feel which is so fun! The high school the main characters go to has four houses (Dolphin, Shark, Cephalopod, and Orca) and each have their own marine specialties. There isn’t any magic, but the new technology they introduce is pretty amazing and seems magical! The name of the school is Harding-Pencroft Academy, which is often abbreviated to HP. If that’s not a reference to Harry Potter, I don’t know what is! The rival high school, Land Institute, doesn’t care about winning the football championship (though maybe they do, sports aren’t really mentioned); instead they care about stealing cutting-edge technology that Captain Nemo left behind to his descendants. This book has some unexpected and heart-wrenching twists and turns, but through it all, the main characters remain loyal to each other, coming out of each challenge stronger. If you love Rick Riordan’s other books, Daughter of the Deep is one of his best!

Review by Chavalah L.

This Poison Heart

By Kalynn Bayron
Teen Fiction

A teen girl with magical powers. A surprise will. A quest for family connections. A string of strange deaths. A blooming love. A betrayal. A path of self-discovery.

Briseis navigates a world of intersections. She faces the challenges of being a Black young woman, an adoptee, a bisexual teen, a child of lesbian parents, and hiding a special gift: the power to control plants. As she faces each challenge, Briseis learns that her strength comes not from just her ancient family ties—but from the courage and power sprouting within her own heart.

Wind your way through a garden of mythological mysteries with Briseis as she discovers her origins—and where her unique abilities come from. Dig deep into her history to find what secrets have been kept.

Explore Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ themes in this enchanting YA novel. Available at Orem Public Library in the Teen Section, and through OverDrive as an eBook and audiobook.

Review by Sarah Anne F.

The Thief of Happy Endings

By Kristen Chandler
Teen Fiction

I was drawn into this book for a few reasons. 1) I know the author a little bit. 2) I really didn’t know exactly how this book was going to end, which kept me interested. 3) I could relate to the main character in several ways.

I didn’t care for the swearing, it’s just a personal pet peeve of mine. But it didn’t stop me from binge-reading it.

Review by Shantel A.

Forest Born

By Shannon Hale
Teen Fiction

Forest Born is a wonderful book. Rin is the only girl in her family and has six older brothers. Her Ma loves her so much and Rin is her Ma’s favorite. Rin watches her nieces and nephews and does work for her big family. She loves little children. Rin’s brother Razo is Rin’s best friend. Razo is the youngest brother in the family. Razo calls Rin “Rinna-girl.” At the beginning of the book, you start to learn about Rin’s troubles. Rin loves to be wild. Rin faces many challenges and hard things. Rin learns stuff she did not know before. Rin makes lots of friends on her amazing adventure. I love it when Rin does stuff she never thought she could do. Forest Born ends the Goose Girl series nicely. I wish there were more books in this series!

Review by Savannah K.

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