As part of our summer reading program, we asked you to write reviews of what you read this summer. We loved getting your reviews and are excited to share them on our blog. If you’re looking for another fun read to get you through the summer, try one of these recommendations from the patrons of the Orem Library. All of the following titles are available as E-books through Overdrive.

E-Book Recommendations

The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water

By Erin Bartels

The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water is a well written novel about an author who determines that finding peace with her past will help overcome her writer’s block. While I don’t agree with the protagonist’s methods of forgiveness, I appreciate the underlying theme that everyone’s story has more than one perspective. I would read more by this author.

Review by Beth

Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days

By Chris Guillebeau

This is a great book if you are thinking about starting a side hustle. The author gives a step-by-step guide to get started and many resources.

Review by Leticia C.

Seal Song

By Andrea Spalding

This children’s book was a cute read about selkies, seals who turn into humans. The story followed a little boy who loves spending time with seals after fishing with his father and meeting a selkie who eventually saves him. It’s a great way to introduce kids to new mythology in a fun and interesting way. It’s a slightly more difficult read so a parent may need to read with the child. The pictures were really nice, using an oil paint-type visual. Not every page had a picture but the majority did. All in all a nice children’s book.

Review by Kayla J.

Storm Front

By Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher is the perfect mix of noir and urban fantasy. You’ve got your murder mystery style mixed in with a wizard for hire in modern-day Chicago. Being in Harry Dresden’s head is such a delight. His funny, sarcastic quips and self-depreciating humor are what keep me coming back. Highly recommend!

Review by Liz


By Terry Pratchett

This was a great book! Terry Pratchett is a master of humor without losing meaning and substance. I’ve read a handful of Pratchett’s books and they have all been very good.

This is not the first book featuring Sam Vimes. Vimes first appears in Guards! Guards! I find Vimes one of Pratchett’s most relatable characters, perhaps because he’s a down-to-earth, fairly normal guy who is just trying to do his best in crazy situations. As the head of the city watch, he is thrust into the middle of the longtime feud between Trolls and Dwarfs when a Dwarf is murdered. He has to solve the murder before the two groups explode into violence and tear the city down!

Review by Piper

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