As part of our summer reading program, we asked you to write book reviews of what you were reading this summer. We loved getting your reviews and are excited to share them on our blog. If you’re looking for another fun read to get you through the summer, here are some adult fiction recommendations from our patrons.

Adult Fiction Recommendations

Lady Clementine

By Marie Benedict
Adult Fiction

This historical fiction novel really kept my attention. I only knew Clementine Churchill was poised and practical. Here the author introduces us to her personality, her influence on politics/society, and some of the challenges of her life with an important husband. The author’s insights include strong personalities, difficult upbringings, as well as personal strengths and weaknesses of the couple. Overall, it is inspiring and very informative. Highly recommend!

Review by Kathy

The Mongrel Mage

By L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
Adult Fiction

This was a very good book. It fits in well with the rest of the Recluse novels and adds just a bit more to the known history of a complex world he has created. I like his books.

Review by Clorinda M.


By Isaac Asimov
Adult Fiction

Foundation is an exceptional science fiction novel that focuses on understanding and predicting human behavior. There are no aliens or robots, just an interesting dive into the future of humanity as we expand to control the stars.

Review by Vasu C.

The No-Show

By Beth O’Leary
Adult Fiction

This is not your typical romance novel. I have really enjoyed Beth O’Leary’s romance novels; my favorite thus far has been The Switch, which is a lovely, sweet, fun read. The No-Show is NOT that! It is gritty and surprising. Since you go in thinking you’ll get another straightforward romance novel from this romance author, you may be tempted to put it down, since it seems so out of genre and not what you thought you were picking up . . . I implore you to stick it out to the end. It is as real and broken and deceiving as life is . . . and in the end hopeful and healing and full of happy endings even amidst heartache and suffering and turmoil. I stuck it out because I trusted Beth after reading her other books and my trust was rewarded. Thanks to Beth O’Leary for giving us this roller coaster of a book.

Review by Lisa

What She Left Behind

By Ellen Marie Wiseman
Adult Fiction

This is a gripping story about two women living in different time periods and how their lives intertwine. Izzy is a modern high school senior, dealing with the complexities of being in a new foster home and being the new girl in school with the events of her past. She wants to be accepted, but does not want people to find out that her mother is in prison for killing her father. Clara is an 18-year-old, living in 1929, who suddenly finds herself torn from the love of her life to be wrongfully placed in a home for nervous invalids. This soon turns into being committed into an asylum. In spite of her historical inaccuracies, Wiseman weaves these two stories together in a way that pulls the reader in emotionally. This page-turner leaves the reader wanting more and needing to find out what happens and how the main characters will navigate their many challenges. Wiseman excels at leaving the end of a chapter open enough that the reader is drawn to the next chapter, making this book a quick read. However quick the read is, this book dives into some deep emotions and leaves the reader feeling big emotions about the characters and maybe even evaluating the story against their own life.

Review by Emily F.

Forgiving Paris

By Karen Kingsbury
Adult Fiction

Forgiving Paris is an amazing book that gives more detail about the Baxter family. It is a great story about redemption and forgiveness. The book is engaging and a fun read. If you have been following along with the Baxter family, this is a must-read!

Review by Dessa P.

Not Dead Yet

By Traci Hunter Abramson
Adult Fiction

In this continuation of the Guardian series, you read about a guardian who gets to choose whether to be alive or stay dead after years of being “dead” on paper. She wants to have a life worth living, but not at the cost of actually dying. It is a clean great read, which had me up past one in the morning enjoying the story.

Review by J. B.

Black Cake

By Charmaine Wilkerson
Adult Fiction

This is a story of a family and their struggles. You watch the tale unfold as Eleanor Bennett tells her two children how she came to be Eleanor Bennett, a Caribbean/British American. You also see the struggles her children experience being African Americans. All of it boils down to Black Cake, the thing that ties them all together.

Review by Sashalai N.

Project Hail Mary

By Andy Weir
Adult Fiction

I didn’t know I could care deeply for a rock-looking alien life form, but apparently I could (and I did). Project Hail Mary hit all the right notes and Weir’s ability to make science accessible to the commoner is excellent. 5 stars!

Review by Dan

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