They Called Us Enemy | Patron Review

They Called Us Enemy

By George Takei
Teen Nonfiction

I remember when I was about 12, I found out about the Japanese internment camps in the US. It was shocking to my young heart. How could we do such a thing to American citizens. Then I found out, my father’s business partner, who is a Japanese American, had lived in an internment camp. He was a loyal American. He was a good man. Why would they do that to him?

In They Called Us Enemy, it was really powerful to read that the author spent 4 YEARS with his family in TWO different internment camps. His story is a reminder of the terrible price people pay because of others fear, ignorance, and prejudice. This book is also a story of love, community, and hope. An inspirational true story of a family starting over, after having done NOTHING but be Japanese. The perspective the author gives of his loving parents agonizing choices to build a community and keep their family strong and together is both heartbreaking and uplifting.

I am buying this book. I want my kids to read it. It is not graphic or overly violent, but it is pretty upsetting. However, like George says in the book, it’s important that our children know the good things AND the bad things that our country has done. That way they can help ensure we never make those bad choices again.

Book Review by Allison