The Library Book

by Susan Orlean

This is a nonfiction book describing the author’s research on the Los Angeles Public Library. She talks about how she visited the Central branch and learned its unique history, specifically that it burned down some years ago. It seems Orlean wrote the book in the order that she researched, not chronologically. She describes the fire in the library, the history of the Public Library System in Los Angeles, and innovations of Public Libraries (especially the Los Angeles Central Branch).

I thought it was very interesting and raw. For example, she names people involved in the library and makes the narrative personal. She describes interesting facts and events revolving around public libraries. I have only been working at the library for a few months, and it is interesting to see the similarities and the differences between our library and hers. There is some strong language and adult topics, but overall the tone of the book is very positive. If you like nonfiction and are interested in learning about public libraries, then this would be a great book for you. The audiobook is even read by the author.

Review by Hannah, Circulation Assistant