The Leaf Detective: How Margaret Lowman Discovered Secrets in the Rainforest

By Heather Lang
Junior Nonfiction

This charmingly illustrated picture book biography, “The Leaf Detective,” is a fascinating read. In this story, we learn that Margaret Lowman was one of the first scientists to explore the rainforest canopy. She accomplished this amazing feat in 1979 after inventing her own harness and the slingshot to get the harness over a branch! What’s more, the book offers a tiny insight into “Canopy Meg’s” research, inventions, and discoveries high in the treetops. It finishes by describing some of her worldwide efforts at conservation of the rainforest. I hope that another book will soon be written about how Meg overcome incredible obstacles in her quest to become a scientist. After all, she did it without a single female mentor or professor, in a time (40 years ago!) when the culture didn’t believe that woman could be scientists. Now I want the chance to visit the rainforest canopy myself!

Book Review by Julia, Circulation Library Assistant

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