The Downstairs Girl | Patron Review

The Downstairs Girl

By Stacey Lee
Teen Fiction

Set in Georgia in the 1890s, The Downstairs Girl presents part of American history from a new, unique view. We often hear about the post-emancipation period from either the “black” or “white” view, but this book is a good reminder that other peoples and cultures have also been in American for centuries. These people had a hard time fitting in, not being considered part of white America nor part of those who were being segregated by new southern laws.

The Downstairs Girl was an enjoyable, well written novel. The main character was clever and resilient, the supporting characters were well rounded, and the plot was interesting. I’m not sure society would have been quite as accepting of Jo as they were in the end, but I’d like to hope that she really could have a happily ever after.

Book Review by Shannon