The Boy Who Met a Whale

by Nizrana Farook
Junior Fiction

Growing up on the island of Serendib is kind of hard if you don’t want to be around the ocean. Razi hadn’t always disliked it, but it took just one day to make him weary of the rugged waters. That changes when Zhang washes up on the shore. He brings trouble and adventure. With tales of ship wrecks and promises of lost treasure, Razi and his sister Shifa get wrapped up into Zhang’s exciting life. Full of action, thrills and friendship, The Boy Who Met a Whale is a gripping read from start to finish!

If you loved The Girl Who Stole an Elephant as much as I did, then you definitely have to read this one! Farook’s thrilling stories are set against beautiful Sri Lankan inspired lands and keep readers captivated with wonder of what’s coming next. This is definitely a book I’d recommend for young readers who are looking for something to get them excited about reading. Treasure maps, villains, sea creatures, and even ox-cart races are all part of this lively story!

Review by Areli, Circulation Assistant