Here at the Orem Library, our General Reference librarians put together wonderful book displays highlighting great books that might be overlooked when patrons casually browse the stacks. One of our favorite recent displays was Jane YAusten, a display of teen books all inspired by classic Jane Austen novels. Keep reading to find a few of our favorite titles featured in the Jane YAusten display, and don’t forget to stop by the Orem Library to see what new displays our librarians have curated just for you!

Darcy Swipes Left

By Courtney Carbone

The classic Jane Austen love story of Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy is told through its characters texting with emojis, checking in at certain locations, and updating their relationship statuses.

The Code for Love and Heartbreak

By Jillian Cantor

When math genius Emma and her coding club co-president, George, are tasked with brainstorming a new project, The Code for Love is born. George disapproves of Emma’s idea of creating a matchmaking app, accusing her of meddling in people’s lives. But all the happy new couples at school are proof that the app works. At least at first. Emma’s code is flawless. So why is it that perfectly matched couples start breaking up, the wrong people keep falling for each other, and Emma’s own feelings defy any algorithm?

Dangerous Alliance

By Jennieke Cohen

Lady Victoria Aston, obsessed with Jane Austen and content to stay home, is suddenly expected to enter society and find a husband, preferably one who cares for her more than her dowry.

Debating Darcy

By Sayantani DasGupta

A life-long speech competitor, Leela loves nothing more than crushing the competition, all while wearing a smile. But when she meets the incorrigible Firoze Darcy, a debater from an elitist private school, Leela can’t stand him. Unfortunately, he’ll be competing in the state league, so their paths are set to collide. But why attempt to tolerate Firoze when Leela can one-up him?

Where the Rhythm Takes You

By Sarah Dass

Sarah Dass presents a romantic, mesmerizing story of first love and second chances, all to the tunes of sweet soca music.

The Stars We Steal

By Alexa Donne

Princess Leonie Kolburg, aged nineteen and heir to a faded European spaceship, enters the engagement season hoping only to save her family from financial ruin, but is soon falling for her first, rejected love.

Ivory and Bone

By Julie Eshbaugh

A sweeping prehistoric fantasy—with allusions to Pride and Prejudice—will enthrall readers with high-stakes survival, blinding betrayal, and star-crossed love. Hunting, gathering, and keeping his family safe: that’s the life seventeen-year-old Kol knows. Then bold, enigmatic Mya arrives from the south with her family, and Kol is captivated. He wants her to like and trust him, but any hopes of impressing her are ruined when he makes a careless—and nearly grave—mistake.

The Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet

By Natasha Farrant

Jane Austen’s story of the Bennet sisters, as told from the perspective of Lydia, the wild child, who pursues the handsome but irresponsible Lieutenant George Wickham, and finally catches him.

Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things

By Jacqueline Firkins

Living with her aunt’s family in Mansfield, Massachusetts, for a few months before turning eighteen and starting college, Edie is torn between Sebastian, the boy next door, and Henry, the local bad boy and all-around player who’s totally off limits—even if his kisses are chemically addictive.

Sense and Second-Degree Murder

By Tirzah Price

Eighteen-year-old aspiring chemist Elinor Dashwood and her younger sister Marianne, a budding detective, work together to solve the mystery of their father’s murder.

Pride and Premeditation

By Tirzah Price

Seventeen-year-old aspiring lawyer Lizzie Bennet seeks to solve a murder before her rival Mr. Darcy beats her to it.

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