Seal Song

by Andrea Spalding

This children’s book was a cute read about selkies, seals who turn into humans. The story followed a little boy who loves spending time with seals after fishing with his father and meeting a selkie who eventually saves him. It’s a great way to introduce kids to new mythology in a fun and interesting way and without getting too deep into it. It’s a slightly more difficult read, so a parent may need to read with their child. The story was fairly straightforward. The writing is fair, but there were some lagging sections that felt a little dry. Some big words, which even I as an adult did not know, were included too. The book also uses poem-type insertions to describe the changing events, but they didn’t fit the tone or style of the story. It was rather odd to have them in there and they detracted rather than added to the story. They were italicized between normal passages and were mainly loose rhyme. The pictures were really nice too, using an oil paint-type visual. Not every page had a picture, but the majority did. All in all, a nice children’s book.

Review by Kayla J.