Get ready to read! Check out this librarian list to read about some of our favorite realistic fiction books for kids. Realistic fiction is a genre that depicts our world and society through imaginary characters. Books in this list, for instance, tell the exciting stories of many diverse characters. Stop by Orem Library to check out these picks today. For even more book recommendations, listen to the library’s Check it Out! podcast.

Here in the Real World

By Sara Pennypacker
Junior Fiction

From New York Times bestselling author Sara Pennypacker comes a gorgeous and moving middle grade novel that is an ode to introverts, dreamers, and misfits everywhere.

Immersing himself in a fantasy world of knights and chivalry, introverted Ware is sent to a summer camp designed around social interactions, He begins building a castle-like private space while clashing with a fellow misfit.

A Walk in Harlem

By Christine A. Platt
Junior Fiction

Papa surprises Ana & Andrew with a day trip to Harlem in New York City! They visit places where famous African American artists lived, wrote, and played during the Harlem Renaissance. On the way home, they make some art of their own.

The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh

By Helen Rutter
Junior Fiction

Billy Plimpton wants to be a famous comedian when he grows up, but his stutter is getting in the way. Right now, he is so worried about being made fun of by the kids in his new school that he plans on not talking at all. However, the plan backfires because his persistent silence only draws attention of the school bully. Billy realizes that he needs another plan, one that does not depend on him speaking without a stutter.

Let’s be friends = Seamos Amigos

By René Colato Laínez
Junior Fiction

Two boys, an English speaker and a Spanish speaker, meet at school. They paint together and learn about colors. In the end, they declare, “Let’s be friends. / Seamos amigos.” René Colato Laínez, a teacher in a bilingual kindergarten classroom, has crafted an ingenious story that authentically and naturally uses conversation to introduce children to English and Spanish. The fun friendship story engages children, while simple words, short sentences, and a glossary reinforce learning.

List by Children’s Librarians Mary, Rachel, Molly, and EJ

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