Happy Rainbow Book Month! June is Pride month, which commemorates the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion and increases awareness of LGBTQIA history, identity, and community. You’ll find rainbow-themed merchandise at many retailers in June, discussions about the struggle for gender equality on the news, and widening social commentary about the right to read.

Libraries are places that provide access to a wide range of materials about many topics, including LGBTQIA topics. From fiction to nonfiction and across all genres, representation of all types of people can be found at all libraries. Reading pride-themed books helps everyone understand these issues with deeper empathy and compassion and reminds us that we are all human beings trying to thrive within our lives.

If you’re interested in reading rainbow books about pride, here’s a list of some new and popular novels for adults and teens. You can also click on the links at the bottom to peruse longer lists on our catalog. 

Adult Books for Pride Month

Pride Month

Something Wild and Wonderful

By Anita Kelley
Adult Fiction

The trail tale adventures of Alexei and Ben, who meet while hiking the Pacific Coast Trail.

Under the Whispering Door

By T.J. Klune
Adult Fiction

When he realizes he really might actually be dead, Walter is granted a week before he has to cross over—a week that brings him the possibility of a new relationship.

After Sappho

By Selby Wynn Schwartz
Adult Fiction

This experimental novel creates a Greek chorus from three women’s voices, exploring how lives converge and break apart in the exploration for the true self, unencumbered by society’s expectations. 

And Then He Sang a Lullaby

By Ani Kayoda Somtochukwu
Adult Fiction

In their first year of college, August and Segun negotiate their first relationship under the weight of a new anti-gay bill.

The Spear Cuts Through Water

By Simon Jimenez
Adult Fiction

Two warriors make a pilgrimage across a nation to free the moon goddess and break the hold of the Three Terrors in this beautifully-written epic fantasy based in Asian mythology.

The World and All That It Holds

By Aleksander Hemon
Adult Fiction

Osman, a sturdy soldier, and Pinto, a poet at heart, meet in the trenches of World War I, forming a relationship that carries them through decades of the world’s turmoil.

Teen Books for Pride Month

The Telegraph Club & A Scatter of Light

By Malinda Lo
Teen Fiction

These two generational novels, beautifully written, explore how racism influences gender identity.

One True Way

By Shannon Hitchcock
Teen Fiction

In the 1970s in the south, being gay was just not accepted—and yet Samantha and Allison begin to fall in love anyway.

Like a Love Story

By Abdi Nazemian
Teen Fiction

Three teenagers navigate 1980s New York City, the AIDS crisis, and racism as they figure out how to be true to themselves. 


By Robin Talley
Teen Fiction

A dual-narrative novel told by 18-year-old Janet, who lives a closeted life in 1950s Washington DC and contemporary writer Abby Zimet, their stories intertwining around their shared affection for pulp fiction.

The Bone Spindle

By Leslie Vedder
Teen Fiction

In this queer retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Fi is a treasure hunter who is expert in breaking curses on unfortunate princes.

Written by Amy S. (Outreach)

Post updated June 22, 2023