Happy Rainbow Book Month! June is Pride month, which commemorates the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion and increases awareness of LGBTQ+ history, identity, and community. With rainbow Pride flags flying and virtual events taking place all over the country, many kids will be curious about the history and significance of this time. If you are someone with kids or teens in your life, you might not know how to answer all of their questions or how to break the information down in an age-appropriate way. However, it’s important to talk openly about LGBTQ+ experiences and identity.

In honor of Pride month, our Orem Library experts have gathered resources for kids, teens, and adults and published them on our website at oremlibrary.org/pride2021. Click and navigate through the website to find more information, including the following:

  • Articles with ideas to celebrate Pride month with kids
  • Podcasts from our children’s staff highlighting LGBTQ+ books
  • Rainbow and rainbow flag-centered activities
  • Adult/teen/children’s fiction and nonfiction
  • Graphic novels
  • Feature films
  • Documentaries

Additionally, book and media displays highlighting LGBTQ+ stories and people are on display in the children’s, teen, adult, and media areas. We are proud to support LGBTQ+ patrons and people in our community and invite all who visit the Orem Library to check out these resources and to read with pride.