NERDS | Patron Book Review

NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society

By Michael Buckley
Junior Fiction

NERDS is written by Michael Buckley (you might’ve heard of him if you’ve read the Sisters Grimm series). It begins with what seems like a typical hero to zero setup, with the main character going from the most popular person (and bully) in his school to becoming a social outcast. During this time, he accidentally encounters a secret hidden within the school and meets an organization dedicated to saving the world. It sounds like a hidden opportunity for the main character to regain at least some respect and fight against an evil maniac but there’s one problem, all of his teammates in the organization despise him.

When I first read NERDS, I thought the plot was pretty childish. To be fair, the book is recommended for people in junior high and under. But when I reread the book, I realized it was a nice and ‘relatively lighthearted’ change in pace in comparison to other novels I’ve read. There are even some important themes, such as the importance of intellectuals, the unfairness of society, bullying, etc, all of which are pretty important issues in modern society. Though the language and wording in NERDS isn’t super complicated, it has a nice and relaxing feel, which is why I believe it’s a worthwhile read for anyone who is willing to give it a try.

Book Review by Timothy Fang, Orem Teen Library Council