Nålbinding what in the world is that

Nålbinding: What in the World is That?

By Ulrike Claßen-Büttner
Adult Nonfiction

Are you looking for a new crafting project? Try nålbinding! It’s fun! It’s free! It’s obscure! Nålbinding is an ancient yarn craft that was used all over the world, dating back to prehistoric times. It requires yarn, a yarn needle, and two hands. Outside of Sweden, the knowledge and skill were almost lost, but it’s been making a small comeback recently―by which I mean, there is at least one book about it. Nålbinding: What in the World is That? is that book, and it’s a great way to learn the craft. Author Ulrike Claßen-Büttner (you can just search “Buttner” in the catalog) gives terms and clear instructions on a variety of nålbinding variations and projects.

The first half of the book tells the history of nålbinding and some related technologies, which warmed the cockles of my textile-nerd heart. The second half includes instructions for a variety of stitches and patterns for some objects to make, such as mittens and hats. So if you’re wanting to learn a new skill, make something unique, or acquire some obscure new trivia to annoy your friends and impress a history teacher with, check out Nålbinding: What in the World is That?

Review by Hannah D. (Acquisitions)