Has the new Dungeons and Dragons movie sparked your family’s interest in role-playing games? Are your kids looking for something to read in between D&D sessions? Or maybe you’re a parent trying to urge your child to read anything besides the Player’s Handbook? Then check out this list for some of our best middle-grade books for D&D fans!

Middle-Grade Books for D&D Fans

Just Roll With It

By Lee Durfey-Lavoie
Junior Graphic Novels

Maggie is about to start her first year of middle school and nothing can go wrong—as long as she doesn’t roll low on her d20.

This graphic novel is full of compassion as readers watch Maggie’s love for her favorite role-playing game helps her navigate middle school, friendships, her parents’ expectations, and her OCD.

Roll for Initiative

By Jaime Formato
Junior Fiction

When Riley’s brother leaves for college, she finds herself opening up the Dungeon Master’s Guide and herself to new friends and opportunities.

This book is delightfully quirky and highlights how D&D can help someone build confidence and make friends amidst social anxiety.

Homerooms & Hall Passes

By Tom O’Donnell
Junior Fiction

Five heroes of Bríandalör are skilled at killing necromancers and delving into dungeons, but once a week they take a break to play their favorite game, Homerooms & Hall Passes. But what will happen when they are sucked into their H&H game and have to face their most daunting task yet: Middle School?

Readers will laugh at the over-the-top antics of the characters and at how this novel pokes fun at all of the D&D stereotypes.

Middle-Grade Books for D&D Fans

No Humans Allowed

By Madeleine Roux
Junior Fiction

Zelli is new to Dungeon Academy, a school where monsters train to fight the heroes who will inevitably break into their dungeons! But what will Zelli’s new friends do if they figure out her secret–she’s human.

Aspiring Dungeon Masters will love this chance to peer into the mindset of monsters to help build creative antagonists for their heroes to face.

Written by Rachel H. (Children’s)

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