Dr. Who

Dr. Who

TV Series
DVD Science Fiction

Dr. Who follows The Doctor, an alien who can change his face and travels through time and space helping people and defeating monsters. He sometimes picks up people (called “companions”) along the way to help in his adventures to protect the universe.

The older seasons have held up surprisingly well in regards to effects and I personally love seasons 5–7 of the revival. Since the Doctor is able to “regenerate,” they re-cast every few seasons or so, which means it doesn’t become stale. It is excellent in the genre of sci-fi with a touch of action and some other things mixed in. It has a monster-of-the-week feel, often with some overarching storylines which makes it perfect to binge or to watch standalone episodes.

There are some things that are intense and/or frightening, but they are scattered. I would recommend looking up individual episodes or screening them based on the maturity of the watcher. Dr. Who is often clumped together with other shows like Supernatural and BBC’s Sherlock in fan base, so anyone interested in those shows would likely enjoy this one too.

Don’t blink. And good luck.

Film Review by Melisa, Circulation Assistant