Daisy Jones & The Six

By Taylor Jenkins Reid
Adult Fiction

Daisy Jones & The Six is a story about a group of up and coming rock stars in the 1970s. Daisy Jones is the daughter of famous parents who let her run wild and do whatever she wants, but the music scene is what pulls at her the most. The Six is a classic rock band just gaining a following. A producer sets the two of them up to play together, and they navigate the music industry together. It’s never smooth sailing, but they become wildly popular together.

This was a really interesting read! It is written as interview transcripts from all the band members and their associates, so it changes perspectives quickly. It is pretty realistic—I honestly thought Daisy Jones & The Six were real musicians from the 70s until I Googled it! The characters are complicated and feel very real, so I got pulled into their stories quickly. Overall, I thought the book was intriguing, emotional, and entertaining.

A TV adaptation was recently released on Amazon Prime. I thought the TV series was well done! The actors did a very good job portraying the characters like I imagined them. It followed the plot pretty closely. There were some differences, especially in the last episode, but none of the changes were especially significant. The actors brought the series to life and made the characters’ struggles much more real. The cast also produced the music mentioned in the book. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality! I’ve been disappointed in the past with book-to-music adaptations, but I was happy with this one. Overall, I believe fans of the book will enjoy the series.

Both the book and the TV series contain adult themes, but I think they are much more tangible in the series. If you had a hard time reading the book, the series might be too much.

Content warning for book and series: drugs, alcohol, swearing, abortion.

Book Review by Whitney K. (Circulation)